Photo Tours to Japan

Not only for photographers but also for everyone

AKASHI TRAVEL organizes handmade photo tours to Japan directry created by Toru Morimoto and Tina Bagué, professional photographers and specialists of Japan, respectively from Japan and Barcelona. Our tours are not only for photo lovers but also for everyone who are interested in discovering photogenic scenes out of the beaten track in Japan. After The Japan Photo Project, photographing the entire country and driving more than 42.000km from north to south, Toru Morimoto and Tina Bagué have decided to share their knowledge and experience with you. They will take you to their favorite places of Japan, in the right place, at the right time. Those who enjoy photography will have plenty of photo opportunities, and those who have no need to capture the moment will experience breathtaking moments. Our tours are carefully planned for everyone to enjoy and share unique and unforgettable experiences.

Discover Japan with Toru Morimoto & Tina Bagué,
photographers and authors of photo book “Japan/日本”


Private Tours to Japan

Just for you

AKASHI TRAVEL organizes “handmade” private tours to Japan just for you, your friends, or your family. Toru Morimoto from Japan and Tina Bagué from Barcelona, both professional photographers and specialists on Japan will create a private tour just for you according to your schedules and interests. They have been traveling to Japan for more than 15 years as photographers. They have also carried out The Japan Photo Project, a photo book project in which they drove a motorhome more than 42.000km from north to south. They will share their knowledge and experiences and take you to their favorites spots out of the beaten track.

Akashi Travel can design personalized tours to Japan such as “Classic Touristic Tour”, “Architecture Tour”, “Gourmet Tour”, “Motorhome tour”, “Photo Tour” and etc

It is all up to you. Toru Morimoto and Tina Bagué will organize the trip for you and accompany you. The minimum number of people for the private tour is 2 persons. The price per person will depend on the number of people of your group and the kind of accomodations and food you choose.

If you would like to make a private tour with us, please write us what kind of tour you would like to do, and when you would like to travel. We will make a rough plan and approximate budget for you.

Travel Consulting

any questions or doubts on your trip to Japan?

AKASHI TRAVEL also offers consulting service for those traveling to Japan on their own. Tired of reading guide books or reviews online? Not sure whre to go, what to skip, what is a must? We are here to help you with any doubts. Fill out the contact form below to make an appointment for a travel consulting session. We usually meet at Akashi Gallery Barcelona. The consulting fees is 50€/90minuts. For people who cannot come to Barcelona, our consulting session is also available by skype.

After the consulting session, if you want, we can book your hotels or make a partial/whole itinerary for your trip to Japan. Price depends on the number of bookings and days for the itinerary. This service can be done by email and telephone.

Toru Morimoto from Japan and Tina Bagué from Barcelona, both professional photographers and specialists on Japan, will answer your questions in person. They have been traveling to Japan for more than 15 years as photographers. They have also carried out The Japan Photo Project, a photo book project in which they drove a motorhome more than 42.000km from north to south. They will share their knowledge and experiences with you.

Why Choose Us

Here are reasons you should plan trip with us


All tours are accompanied by Toru Morimoto and Tina Bagué, photographers and specialists of Japan.


Our tours are created directly by Toru Morimoto and Tina Bagué from their experiences.


Our tours are organized without intermediary.


All hotels are mid-high and high class with good reputation or selected by tour leadres from their experiences.


Our tours are programmed to enjoy sophisticated Japanese cuisens and authentic local food.


Private bus for most of the days during the tours.


Two tour leaders/professional photographers for 5 to 10 people.


We speak English, Spanish, Catalan, and Japanese.

Featured Testimonials

Words from our clients
  • "We had an absolutely fabulous time during our private photo tour to Hokkaido in winter arranged by Akashi Travel. Tina and Toru were amazing guides with very lovely generous personalities. They catered to our travel needs and worked at a pace we were very comfortable with. We had very intense photography moments in Hokkaido during the day and relaxing evenings at the various ryokan/onsen hotels. They knew exactly where to capture those picture-perfect shots and had the technical expertise to share with us. They designed the tour to cater to our love of photography as well as the pleasure of discovering new places and local culture."
    Josephine & Toti Turalba
    Josephine & Toti Turalba
  • "I had always wanted to travel to Japan to take pictures of the Cherry Blossoms. Searching through travel agency websites my results yielded itineraries that felt sterile and lack the photography needs for what I was looking for. Luckily my search led to Akashi Travel, their 'Tohoku Cherry Blossom & Hot Springs' itinerary sounded amazing and it WAS beyond amazing. Tina & Toru had created a perfect itinerary that not only took me on the "off beaten path" of Japan but also provided me the opportunity to capture the photos that I was seeking. They led me to many towns and locations that I would have never found on my own had I travelled alone to Japan, and their expertise in photography helped me sharpen my own skills. Afterwards, they created an itinerary for my solo travel to Kyoto and Tokyo. I am planning to join Akashi Travel again in my next visit to Japan. Highly recommend them."
    Eric Daza
    Eric Daza
  • "I traveled with Akashi Travel Tohoku Photo Tour on the Cherry Blossom & Hot Spring tour 2018. And I have to say I feel like I had won the lottery with this trip. The trip exceeded my expectations on every level. It was my first trip to Japan and the itinerary was so interesting with great opportunities to take beautiful pictures and learn about the culture and history too. the hotels where high class and beautifully situated and were a great addition to the already amazing tour. Another great part of the tour was the traditional Japanese food and the chance to get acquitted with the culture through the local cuisine. Every day was a new experience and I enjoyed every minute of it. A big part of the success of the trip were our guides Tina and Toru who were so welcoming professional and I feel I made friends for life!"
    Israel Litvak
    Israel Litvak
  • I had a wonderful photo tour to Japan, "Tohoku Cherry Blossom and Hot Springs"last April!! Our tour leaders, Tina and Toru kept very good humor throughout the tour in spite of the accumulated fatigue over the nine days. It was also very interesting to break the Western stereotype images of Japanese culture, thanks to the explanations of Toru. Tina and Toru made everything really easy for us. I wish I can travel with them again!
    Marc Cases
    Marc Cases
  • We signed up for the photo tour, Tohoku Cherry Blossom & Hot Springs 2018 to photograph the cherry blossom. The trip was very interesting, specially for the way it was designed: visiting various locations, discovering rural and unknown Japan, and enjoying good meals and traditional accomodations! Although I brought only my smartphone to take pictures, I could enjoy a lot and make many wonderful pictures!! We will repeat to travel to Japan with Akashi Travel in the future for sure!
    Rosa & Pepon García
    Rosa & Pepon García